Monday, January 14, 2013


I really dig the idea of re-purposing materials in your garden especially when those materials were a part of something else.  This means that instead of sending things to the landfill you are recycling and doing something that is beneficial to this earth.  

Picture this: a cracked concrete walkway that has to be replaced.  You or the contractor you hired jackhammer the concrete and now there are lots of pieces.  What do you do with those pieces?  You could either toss them or in this case use them to build a bench or a planter.  You could even paint the first layer of the broken concrete pieces to add a pop of color.  You could also use an old wooden crate to store your gardening tools or an old palette can be turned into a vertical planter.  

If you think about it and search within the creative side of your mind then who knows what you will be able to create.  Just think about how much money you will save at the same time and not to mention how many less things will be sent to the landfill thanks to you.  

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Rob Moore said...

Urbanite! Gotta love it, Rama.