Thursday, January 17, 2013


I love the idea of having indoor plant arrangements but I don't fancy the cookie cutter type of arrangements.  I'd rather have something unique and creative.  I also like experimenting with plants and trying new things much like a scientist would do in a science lab.  So this time around I decided to get creative by using a combination of thrifted and unique glass containers along with succulents.  I should also mention that there is no rhyme or reason to making these arrangements.  It is all about what you or the intended recipient will like. 

The materials you will need are:
  • Containers - I like glass only because then you can see the inside.
  • Potting soil - I have found that Kellogg potting soil works the best but you can use any that you have on hand.    
  • Plants - If you don't like using succulents then you can use indoor plants, however bear in mind that you will need larger containers.  
  • Sand - any color that you like.
  • Beads or anything else that you would like to decorate the top of the containers with.  
  1. Put some potting soil at the bottom of the container.
  2. Gently mist the plant(s) with water.
  3. Add the plant in the center or off to the side if you are using multiple plants.  
  4. Add some sand around the plant - I used black sand that I had left over from another project (You could interchange step 3 and 4).
  5. On top of the sand add beads or any other decorative ornaments you would like. 

In my case I used a few containers that I found at a local thrift store and Guinness mugs that I bought on my trip to Dublin in 2005.  I also placed mine high enough that the my cats can't get to them.   Most likely I will add more (larger) container arrangements and share with you here.  Stay tuned! 

If you have made any neat and interesting arrangements then you can email it to me and I will share on this blog.  

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