Friday, April 20, 2018


A few weekends ago I went on the Orange County chapter of the California native plant society garden tour with a friend and took some videos of a few gardens I visited that I wanted to share.  Some of these gardens were professionally designed and installed and some were diy'd.  Overall it was an interesting mix of plants and various other landscape features.

This was also the first year that did have a garden on the tour and was merely an attendee.  On the one hand it was nice to not stress over having one of my clients garden on the tour but on the other hand it was something new to get used to.

Friday, April 13, 2018


When I meet with a perspective clients they ask me the same question almost every time.  How would the contractor cost.  The answer is really not that simple.  It depends on what the design is and what materials are being used.  It also depends on how much there is to demolish and remove.  In most cases I tell perspective clients that if you have a small yard then you will pay anywhere in between 5-15 thousand.  Medium size gardens can run you between 15-40 and large size gardens can cost even more. 

In most cases if you tell your designer what you budget is then he or she can tell you based on that number roughly what you may or may not be able to do.  Bear in mind that in some cases what ends up eating up the cost is not the materials but the labor involved.  In this video I share with you more details on the cost of installation. 

Friday, April 6, 2018


This may get me some heat but I wanted to share.  There are those that believe that using plants that are not true local natives are not considered natives and that using them is harmful to the environment.  This is a statement that I disagree with.  There are plants that are native that are hybrids and cultivars.  The purist might say that those are not native but I say that they are and most agree.  They will perform just as well.  Truth be told you can even use non native plants.  In some cases, depending on the clients lifestyle and what they are looking to achieve I might recommend using some plants like Citrus or Lavender that are clearly non native. 

When you limit yourself to only using pure plants then I believe that you are limiting your creativity.  You can still have a native garden using pure plants, mixed in with hybrids and cultivars.  So in this video I share why having a purist garden may not be ideal.