Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Is your irrigation controller smart?  Old school irrigation controllers allow you to set up the system via the wall panel.  But now with modern technology, you can use your smart phone to control the system. 

This system made by Hunter Industries is called Hydrawise Wi-Fi controller and is designed to save you money, while irrigating properly.  This system works with any Hunter controller.  The system allows you to set it up using the Hunter controller or your smart phone.  It also has a built in weather censor that know to automatically shut of the system if rain is in the forecast.  It also allows you to increase run time if the summer is too hot to handle. 

In this video Hunter Industries explains further about this system. 

Monday, May 27, 2019


Recently, I came across an artist on Instagram and was intrigued by her work.   What I like most about her work is that it is easy for someone like me, that is still learning and growing in the art of watercolor to recreate and learn from.   So this past Sunday I decided to recreate one of her Instagram posts about drawing flowers.  

This is why I love following other artists.  I can follow their adventures and be able to learn and grow.  I also like getting inspired by the work of others.

I definitely need to improve my watercolor skills and following random artist helps me do that, then I am all for it.  

Friday, May 24, 2019


This garden was a nice project to design as they are many elements for both the front and the back.  In this case every square inch of the landscape was gutted, thus allowing to new features to come into play.  In the front yard we redid the driveway to make it more sustainable and added a path to the gate surrounded by California native plants.  We also added decorative fencing. 

In the back we added the same style pavers, a new wider overhead structure and more California native plants.  We also kept some of the existing plants in both the front and the back yard.  Now the homeowners, can use this garden and be able to properly entertain here.