Friday, December 8, 2017


The holidays are nearing and it's easy to generate lots of waste and end up with things that you may not ever really have use for.  I would like to propose the idea of giving experiences rather than gifts.  Think about it...  Someone can give me a shirt for Christmas but I probably won't remember that in 5-10 years more than I will if that person gives me the gift of time and experiences. 

Other things you can do to reduce your waste is to buy package free and locally as much as possible. Use materials that are better than the traditional toxic chemicals that are out there such as the ever so toxic Clorox.  Clorox products even smell toxic.  It bleaches nicely, but what bleaches even nicer and is non toxic is baking soda.  Instead of using a plastic toothbrush consider a bamboo.  There are many alternatives to the traditional toxic products we use.  Choose and think wisely.  This video goes into more detail. 

Friday, December 1, 2017


Sometimes it can become daunting when you are trying to find the right contractor.  How do you know that they will do the job right without taking you for a ride?  The truth is that sometimes you don't.  But if you let your designer refer the contractor to you then you have a far better chance of getting the right contractor.  Why?  Because, designers do not refer contractors that they themselves would not hire.  I say to all my clients that the contractors I work with are licensed, bonded, insured and I can vouch for their quality of work.

Specifically for me I pick and choose the contractors I refer based on the size and location of the project.  Some contractors I work with are great at big jobs and some are better at smaller jobs.  Some contractors work only in certain areas and not others.  Also, a designers reputation in on the line when referring anyone to you.  Now what if you don't need a designer but need a contractor?  Then simply call any local designer and ask nicely if he/she has any contractors they can refer.  Even if you don't intend to hire that designer, he/she will still give you qualified leads.  This video explains more in detail.

Friday, November 17, 2017


The one thing I love about designing outdoor spaces is creating a look that is not cookie cutter.  One that is custom to the client, their home and the environment.  You just can't get a look that suits your every lifestyle with a cookie cutter design.  Nor will it look nice.  In this custom case the homeowners wanted more hard surfaces and less planting since they love to entertain and have lots of parties.  They were also open to the idea of using pavers, which adds permeability to the garden and is very functional.  For both the front and the back we used plant timber top with a runner pattern in color hazelnut from Olsen Pavingstone

The planting will take place in March because the homeowner wanted some edible plants that will not be available from the website she buys from until then.  There is also lots of pottery, which still allows for plants, just not in ground.  Overall this project turned out great and I am really happy with the results.  Not to mention the pavers look dope.  The below video is of the install.