Friday, September 22, 2017


I have been living a zero waste lifestyle for over two years and thought it was time to share my journey with you and give you an insight on how and why I do that.  When I started I was just trying to do something that I believed was healthier for me and did not know that is would totally transform my life in a way that would become almost an obsession about wanting to live more sustainably.

I wanted to share my journey with you to show that there are alternatives to the traditional American lifestyle of excess and unhealthiness.  My goal is to empower at least one person to live more sustainably and make one positive lifestyle change.  This video explains more.

Friday, September 15, 2017


I live in a 424 square foot condo with only 100 square feet of concrete as my landscape area.  This means that I only use pots and will somehow have to get creative with how I use plants in my garden. I also have an HOA which has rules that I must follow that I have already broken and gotten in trouble for.

The one rule that I broke was having planters on the fence.  I have 4 Greenbo railing planters that I had sitting on top of the fence by my front door and one day there was a letter in my mailbox telling me that I could not have them on the railing.  Rather than fight with the HOA I decided to just find an alternate solution for them, which ended up working out really nicely.  In this video I show you what I am planting in them and how I made it work.

The railing planters I bought from Amazon, the plants are from Green Thumb Nursery, the seeds I bought at Green Thumb are by Burpee Gardens and the potting soil also bought at Green Thumb is by Kellogg Garden.

Friday, September 1, 2017


I believe that changes is a good thing.  It means that you are evolving, learning and growing.  I am certainly doing that.  With that I would like to announce some changes to the YouTube channel and this blog.

First of all there will be more curated weekly content that is specific for each weak rather than haphazard.  I will also get a bit more personal and share some of my personal life related to landscape design.  My vision is to have each week be content about a specific topic to ensure some ounce of consistency.

Some of the topics I am going to play with are for each week are:

  • First Friday of the month
    • Design stories - client project update
    • Design stories - client project installations
    • Design stories - other designers/contractors installs 
  • Second Friday of the month
    • Some sort of lecture either at a nursery or elsewhere 
    • Plant videos
    • Design videos
  • Third Friday of the month
    • Product videos
    • DIY
    • Collaborations
  • Fourth Friday of the month
    • Zero waste
    • Sustainability around California
    • Biz sneak peak
    • My own garden
This is the content and the schedule for now.  I will also be sending out a newsletter once per month giving you all inclusive access and more that may not share with everyone else.