Friday, July 19, 2024


When I was contacted by the homeowners, they had one requests.  They wanted the artificial turf in their front yard replaced.  It was there when they bought the house and they hated it.  So did I.  Truth be told I do not see any value in having fake turf anywhere.  

We decided due to budget reasons to keep all the existing hardscape.   This is what I tell my clients when it comes to existing hardscape.  If it's not a hazard and you don't hate it, then let's not break the bank and leave it be.  In this case we added pavers to not only extend the seating area but also create a path to the side gate.  

The plants are mostly California native and mulched using decomposed granite.  There is also decorative pottery and boulders used to add some pizzazz to the garden.  

Friday, July 12, 2024


I get asked all the time by my clients about irrigation.  Do I need an irrigation system?  Can't I just hand water.  The truth is that yes you can hand water.  But you have to water each plant for 10 minutes at least thrice weekly during the first 4-6 months after the install.  Is that something that you can realistically do?  The answer I get is always "Oh! I don't have time for that".  In this video I share with you why you should consider an irrigation system.  

Friday, July 5, 2024


This garden was designed by me in 2023 via The Plant Nerd for the Municipal Water District of Orange County turf rebate program.  Installed by Greenside Landscaping, this garden features a dry river bed alongside California native and California friendly plants.  Due to budget constraints we kept the existing hardscape and most of the big established plants.  

The basic premise is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to transform your garden.  With a little imagination you can work with a professional to create a no mow garden that requires minimal maintenance.  A garden that allows space for the local wildlife to party and have a good time.