Friday, September 15, 2023


I recently visited a garden in Long Beach that was designed by me and installed by Greenside Landscaping at the beginning of this year.    I love going back to see how my design worked and how the plants faired.  

For the most part everything did great with a few exceptions.  In any garden you always assume that not all the plants will last.  A few casualties is normal.  This garden is no different.  That being said I still love it and would say this is the envy of the neighborhood.  


Friday, August 4, 2023


 On Fridays I do not do any design work.  Those are the days that I work on my business.   From billing, to scheduling my next week etc.  Everything on that sort is done on Fridays.  These are also the days that I upload a YouTube video and write a blog post, although that does not happen every week.  

Friday, July 14, 2023


When I started this blog and the YouTube channel, I had one goal in mind.  Promote my landscape design business.  So off I went on making posts and videos to do that.  It worked like a charm.  That being said, I have over the last few years felt like there needs to be a shift.  A shakeup in content to keep me interested in making more vids and posts.  During these few years I have also started an art business.  Selling prints of my art as well as custom made sketchbooks.   

I am still going to share my landscape design content with you, but at least once a month or so I would like to introduce some sort of art vlog into the mix.  In this video I share with you some art things that I have been doing during the month of June and July.