Monday, November 17, 2008


It's springtime. Trees are stretching and yawning. Buds are peeking. Birds are gathering materials and building nests. Seeds are seeking sunshine and sprouting. Awaken a new sense of wonder for your children by discovering the offerings of spring. Find a place that you and your child can sit and stretch and observe. This is the perfect time to use your senses to know what is out there. The various colors of nature. Better yet the various smells of plants that are in bloom should provide fun activities to enjoy. Picture all the shapes that are associated with spring. Riddle me this, what are worms? Well they are animals (invertebrates), which means that they do not have a back bone. They do not have eyes but they are sensitive to light and dark vibrations. They burrow through the soil, eating and digesting dirt along with organic matter (like your compost pile). They help keep the soil healthy and rich so that plants can grow. Now I dare you to go find one and observe it for a few minutes. What do you find? What does it do? Tell me I'm curious. You could create a bird bath and food area and watch them come. Photograph them enjoying the bounty you have provided. They will love you always and your kids will have memories to cherish. Splish splash the birds are enjoying the bath and oh no it's raining what do I do? I would go jump in a puddle if I were you and dance so freely as if time were still but only for me to dance dance dance. I would collect the rainwater and reuse it. Over and over this earth has given us a bounty of wonders to enjoy and if I were you I would take advantage and enjoy it while it lasts. Don't let it deplete. Save it! Take care of it as it has taken care of you.

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