Monday, November 17, 2008


As some of you know I had a booth at the expo. How was it you may ask? Well the turnout was weak due to the fires, but all it all it was interesting and a good experience for me since this was the first real booth I had done. I have to admit though that my friend Delilah from the Road Less Traveled Store helped me out a lot by letting borrow her display sono tubes etc. That's another thing that I can get excited about... Having friends that really are willing to help you grow your biz, and having nice networks like Tree of Life Nursery that donated 3 native pot arrangements for me to display at my booth. The concept was to have a display area of various useful books with some native plants and various business promotional information. The other part was to have 3 display areas of sample types of designs you could have - Tropical, Spanish & Artsy. With each type there was a native plant representative of that style and some good indoor building products that would work well in that style that the Road Less Traveled Store let me borrow. All in all I had fun doing the booth and learned a lot about booth design and preparation.

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