Monday, November 17, 2008


I dig it! I'm so digging it. Dirt that is. It's time to get dirty. Put on some clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and get in the dirt. Play in it and let your kids be free if not for just a moment but for a time, mere minutes of fun. Ooh what joy! Do you have a microscope? Use it to study the dirt. What do you see? Tell me tell me. Are there ants in the dirt or any other types of bugs? Did you know that a bug is an animal that has a mouth part that can pierce and suck, like a mosquito or lady bug. Are you still in the sun, at the beach making sand castles? Me no at the butterfly room. The most delightful of all with their delicate matter and enchanting beauty. Just when I thought I almost caught one. Nope not this time but next. I'll set up camp in my back yard next to the rocks (with hidden treasures underneath) and watch and wait for them to come. The waiting is the fun part. In the dark with the stars out and the moon. Ooh the moon What shape is it? I remember as a kid sleeping under the stars. Kinda spooky but fun fun fun.

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