Friday, July 17, 2020


Over the course of the last many months I have been (thankfully) overloaded with designing gardens that are partaking in the turf rebate.  I literally found myself working on enough designs that I did not have enough time or energy to do anything else.  Then covid-19 happened and making videos/posts became less important.  In fact I only made one in May.

These times have been emotionally a thing to deal with and my new normal as I new it was not longer the same.  The coffee shop I used to go to daily was a place that could no longer sit at.  My favorite Persian restaurant temporarily closed.  The worse however, was when I could no longer hug my mother.  Since mid March I have not even touched her.  This is weird but that being said, I am willing to do whatever it takes to speed the eradication of this madness.  My new normal involves a mask that I proudly wear.  What ever it takes to fight this bitch, I am in.

That being said I don't want to neglect this space or my YouTube channel.  I want to still produce more content.  So in the next coming weeks I am going to make some videos and posts about how I have been running my business during this time etc.  I also want to do an updated house tour and since I last uploaded my patio refresh video, I have added more plants and things.

The picture you see on this post is me wearing the one accessory that I never thought I would have to wear on the daily, but here we are.  Whatever it takes to eradicate this bitch!

Stay tuned...

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