Wednesday, February 27, 2019


I had let my patio get into a state shit.  Literally, I had let some plants die and with the recent rains, all kinds of leaf litter had spilled into my patio.  I finally decided it was time to redesign it and give it a good clean.  I made a video of what it currently looks like that I will put at the bottom of this post. 

I decided to use most of what I already had so that I would not have to buy anything new other than plants and maybe a few accessories.  I have not completely redone the patio as I am still not 100% on the plants I am using and may wait until after the IRS had bled me dry before I buy anything.

I have 4 white pots of varying sizes, two green metal chairs, a DIY bench, a worm bin, 4 Greenbo railing planters and a woolly pocket.  As I do for all my clients, I drew a scaled plan.  This one is 1/2" scale. 

In my case I face the challenge of the space being 100 square feet of concrete and there being a gate that opens all the way.  This means that I have no land to plant in and need to leave room for the gate to swing open. 

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