Monday, January 28, 2019


Some Sunday's are lazy.  There are no plans and all you want to do, is not much of anything.  This was the case for me yesterday.  Which made for the perfect day to just sip some tea and watercolor.  So, I do my usual routine of sifting through Instagram under the nature and decor hashtag to see if there is anything there that might inspire me to paint and sure enough there was.  The first was a picture of a pot with one plant in it sitting son top of a brick.  The second was a pot of plants randomly staged on what I assume was a counter top.  As always I don't draw exactly as it looks in the image.  I try to put my own spin on it, to make it my own. 

The other thing I do when I paint it just remind myself that this is just meant to be fun.  It may turn out great or not.  That does not matter.  What matters is that I tried and had a great time doing so.  The more I try, the better I get.  This approach can also be applied to others parts of life. 

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