Wednesday, October 31, 2018


I don't like to provide plants and have to deal with the liability.  It is also easier to just let the contractor financially worry about how the plants are getting to the job site.  That being said I work closely with the contractor to make sure that he/she is getting the write plants that are on the drawings.  I am also there on the job site when the plants are being delivered.  This is really important to not only make sure that things are flowing smoothly but to also make sure that the right plants get delivered. 

In the case of a project in North Tustin, there were around 250-300 plants of varying types.  I had coordinated with the contractor and we only had to make one minor substitution.  Then came planting day and when the nursery delivered the plants I noticed that there was one missing plant and that one variety looked like shit.  Rather than making it work I decided to send back the ratty looking plant and request that they also bring the forgotten plant. 

Could I have faked it and just made it work?  Sure, but the client is not paying me to fake it.  They are expecting one thing based on what was agreed upon and should get exactly that.  Now there are times when things shift and change as a result of unknown field conditions but those are instances are few. 

I am curious to those who are designer or have had their garden done,what are some plant stories that were just insane.  Comment below and share. 

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