Monday, October 15, 2018


I love watching videos on YouTube about gardening, landscapes and plants, just as much as I like making them.  I get to learn a lot from other designers and gardeners.  Tons of great content for everyone to enjoy and learn from.  Below are a list of garden/landscape related channels that I suggest you check out.
  • My own YouTube channel:  aka creations landscape designs/earth friendly landscapes   I make videos about my designs being installed, California native plants, sustainability and much more.  
  • Garden Answer - Laura and her husband own two acres of land that they maintain and make videos around and various other educational content.  
  • Garden Girl TV - Patti Moreno is an urban gardener and on her channel, she has loads of content perfect for those that want to grow their own food with little land to do so.  
  • Growing Your Greens - A great educational channel about growing your own food and beyond. 
  • California Gardening - Another great educational channel about growing your own greens. 
  • The Casual Gardener - Shawna Coronado is a gardener, author and expert at gardening for wellness.  
I am sure that there are many gardening related channels on YouTube, but these are ones that I have found both educational and entertaining.  If you have any other recommendations then feel free to comment below.  In the spirit of the season here is a video from Garden Girl TV, where she shows you how to make cocktails using ingredients you can grow.  

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