Friday, October 6, 2017


I love killing lawns and proposing a garden that is comprised of California native and drought tolerant plants.  Now don't get me wrong if you must have lawn (with a real need) then go ahead.  But if you no longer need the lawn then consider the alternative of having a garden that bring the local birds and butterflies to you garden.

In this case I was hired by a lovely husband and wife in San Juan Capistrano to kill their lawn and design a garden that kept their existing hardscape, pool/spa and mature trees and add some new paths along with plants that were mostly native to California.

What we ended up doing is finding flagstone that was an exact match to what they existing and creating paths to move around the garden with ease, created a somewhat secret garden area and big planting areas.  We also reused all the rocks that they already had.  Ultimately this garden turned out really nice and the clients are very happy. 

This video shows you the process of installation and the final product.  Enjoy!

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