Friday, May 13, 2016


Previously I had done a post about my patio garden which you can read here, but I decided to do an update as some things have changed thanks for my HOA.

Let me tell you that if you live in an area with an HOA then you have some rules and regulations that you have to follow and if that is the case then you should read your CC&R'S.  I did not read mine and ended up getting a letter from the HOA informing me that I could not nail or screw anything to an exterior surface of my unit/building as the exterior walls are HOA property.  So I removed anything that was nailed or screwed.  I could have tried to fight this rule but I decided not to because while I was miffed about this rule, I was glad that the HOA is enforcing their rules.  One day I will buy a house in an area with no HOA but until then...

The three new plants I added to me garden are:

  • Penstemon heterophyllus 'Margarita' - Purple Penstemon
  • Salvia greggii 'White' - White Autumn Sage
  • Satureja douglassii - Yerba Buena

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