Thursday, March 3, 2016


I tend to not be picky about the projects I take. You just never know whom you will meet and be designing for or whom they are connected to.  Sometimes even small yards can lead to bigger things. In this case the small yard was for a husband and wife in Cypress, CA.  Although the project was small the challenge was big.  They had lawn that they were not actively using and wanted to replace it with something prettier.  They had some rocks that they did not know what to do with.  Also they had no access to the street straight from the front door.

I started the process by having the site measured in order to have an accurate site plan.  It is a must that your dimensions are on point.  Having precise measurements ensures that there won't be discrepancies during installation.  From there I create a site plan using a digital drafting program called AutoCAD.  What I love about doing my work digitally is that I get to complete drawings in half the time than if if I was drafting by hand.  This also means that I won't be charging an arm or a leg for my services.

For this challenge we added a decomposed granite path with flagstone pieces soft set in between that leads from the front door to the street.  This way if there are multiple cars parked in the driveway then no one is having to squeeze their way to the front door.  We installed an overhead irrigation system California native plants and most plants survive better than being drip irrigated.  Plants in that are growing in the wild are never drip irrigated.  We created a dry creek bed with the extra rocks and added some California native plants as well as a few dwarf lemon trees.  Overall the homeowners are happy to have a eye catching yet drought tolerant landscape that is now the envy of the neighborhood.

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