Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I was recently asked by a client in the city of Orange to design their 13,000 square feet lawn area in their from yard.  They wanted all the lawn removed and replaced with California native / drought tolerant plants.  This was not an area that they were going to lounge in but wanted something functional and pretty to look at.

My proposal was using mostly California native plants with the exception of some Lavender.  The mulch will be a combination of bark mulch and decomposed granite.  All of the existing trees will remain.

Now here's the kicker...  This project is getting planted on Monday which means that I have to place all the plants as per my contract with the client.  Which that much square footage I assume this will take a several hours.  On the one hand I am looking forward to it but on the other hand I know that by the end I will be wiped.  On the plus side all that grass that was doing nothing will be gone never to return again.

The image is the planting plan.

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