Wednesday, July 8, 2015


For those who have not heard (although I think most have by now), there is a website called houzz that is specifically designed for the building industry (unlike pinterest that is for everything).  A site in which professional interior designers, landscape designers etc. can post photos of their work that homeowners can save in what is called an idea book.  It is free to join and free to post.

When I first came across this site I thought that I would just post biz portfolio pictures but when I put my home on the market I decided to virtually dream about my future home and that is when my obsession began.  I found myself spending 1-2+ hours at a time browsing the site.  In fact I tell all my potential clients to create houzz boards (although most already have) which then gives me a better sense of what they like.  This is also great for those that want to hire a professional but can't financially do that right away yet still want inspiration.

Some of the other cool features is that pro's can get reviews by clients and clients can share their idea books with the pros.  For example a client of mine in Tustin created a board for his garden inspiration and invited me to be a contributor of that board.  If you are not already using this site then you should and if you are curious this is the board I created for my future dream home.

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