Tuesday, January 10, 2012


For me 2011 is long gone but it left many things behind. Lessons and more lessons. I learned a lot in 2011 and my goal this year aside from learning new things is to take the lessons that 2011 brought and use them to improve 2012 from the get go. Perhaps I need to get more personal in this blog and share a bit more.

My friend Rachel blogged about finally committing to blue finger nails. Something she was not sure off. Maybe she was just fearful of the result it might have. But she went all in and did it. Took that risk and liked it. She called it her "red sofa" moment. Trying that one thing that she was unsure of.

My red sofa moment relates to this blog and that is the amount of posts I do or lack there of. I don't believe that I post enough. Once a week is my usual routine and even that sometimes falls between the cracks. Surely I have not posted enough videos either. My intention for 2012 is to change all of that. More text posts and more video posts. Not just once a week bur several times. Even daily! Now that I have used the word daily I have to as least try it. No harm in trying.

This least me to my question to all of you out there and that is... What would you like to read/see on this blog? Anything? You are more than welcome to share. If you have a landscape related product I would be happy review it.

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