Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As you may know or not Tree of Life Nursery is doing their designer in residence program again and I am excited to be participating. It's only $25 per person to participate and what you get is a half hour of plant etc. ideas for your garden. How cool is that! All kinds of ideas right at your finger tips. Yours for the taking.

Is half an hour enough? Yes it's more than enough. I have participated multiple times and usually we have a minute or two to spare. I or any other designer that you may sign up with will take you around the nursery and show you what plants are available that would work best for your garden.

If I sign up should I bring anything? Yes! Bring photos of your garden to show the areas that you wish to redo. Do you have a site plan? If so then bring it. You should also take note of the areas in your garden in relation to sun/shade and soil condition. I am currently offering a complimentary landscape design checklist kit that you can bring with you (right hand side of the homepage).

If you are interested in signing up for a half hour consultation then you can do so with me on February 18th or March 31st. Those that sign up will get a free packet of native plant seeds. If you would rather have a consultation at your house then you welcome to sign up for one by contacting
me directly.

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