Friday, June 24, 2022


 I am that person that is not perfect, nor do I believe in such.  I make mistakes and sometimes I have a plant or two that has died.  This tragedy called for a refresh of my garden.  A much needed new life that had to be brought to the space.  

I started by bribing a friend with some lunch to come help me clean the space.  We literally took everything out of the space and cleaned.  Then put things back with the assumption of editing.  I had a bunch of metal planters that were rotted out that I left by the dumpster.  We have an unspoken rule in my condo complex that anything left by the dumpster is fare game.  Trust me they were gone in less than an hour.  

Then I took a few days to really just sleep on it and decide what plants I wanted.  My thought was to have a garden that was California native and edible California native.   This garden is an evolution and knowing me there may be more pots and plants added.  

The plants I used are as follows...

  • Ceanothus 'Blue Cascade' - Blue Cascade Ceanothus
  • Clinopodium douglasii - Yerba Buena
  • Various species of Dudleya 
  • Eriogonum cinereum - Ashyleaf Buckweat
  • Fragaria chiloensis - Beach Strawberry
  • Monardella odoratisisma - Mountain Coyote Mint
  • Salvia cedrosensis - Cedros Island Sage
All of my plant are from Tree Of Life Nursery  and most of the pottery is from Plant Depot.

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