Monday, March 11, 2019


Recently, I bought some Tombow dual brush pens to test out.  I bought 17 colors to play around with.  4 greens, 2 browns, 2 blues, 2 grays, 1 black and a mixture of other colors.  I found out that they are water soluble and work in almost any application.  At first I tried them in my notebook and dug it.  Then this past Saturday I decided to try them along side my watercolors. 

I was impressed that they worked.  You can use them as is or draw with them and then wet it for a more blended look.  I was really impressed.  Both paintings are done mostly with watercolor, but I used the brush pens to add a bit here and there. 

I will say though that the pen can bleed easily when mixed with water.  The trick I found is that if you get one area wet, to just wait till it has fully dried before getting the area next to it wet to avoid bleeding. 

I should also point out that these brush pens are not expensive.  A few bucks each is really reasonable for the quality of what you get. 

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