Monday, October 8, 2018


As you know I am in the process of opening my Etsy shop under the name Ramidio, in which I am going to sell prints of my watercolors.  I also want to share with you on this blog some of the work that I am painting.  If nothing else to inspire you to do that which you love.  Every Monday I will post on here something new that I have painted.  On that note...

If you have ever felt the pedal of an orange poppy flower then you know that it feels very smooth and soft.  The pedals are very delicate and the plant does not live year round.  It is an annual that reseeds, and is gorgeous when in bloom.  It prefers full sun and is best planted by seedlings.  These poppies are also the easiest seeds to get at most nurseries.  You can sprinkle some seeds almost any time of the year and watch them grow in the spring time. 

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