Friday, July 27, 2018


Although I design primarily with native plants, does not mean that I don't like non natives.  In fact I have a ton of non native plants inside my home and a few in my patio garden.  There is nothing wrong with using non natives as long as it is done correctly.  That means stepping outside the comfortable bubble of what you see everywhere and trying something unique.  Using natives and non natives.  Yes it is possible to use both natives and non natives in a California landscape and get great results.  These are my favorite 3 non natives. 

My first favorite is Calylophus hartwegii - Sundroops.  I love this plant because it stays green year round, is a great as a low growing groundcover and blooms all year (except winter).  It gets about a 1' high, 3' wide and prefers mostly sun.  The cool part is that when the flower has been pollinated and has served it's purpose, it shrivels up to a burn orange color. 

My second favorite is Salvia greggii - Autumn Sage.  This plant gets 3' tall/wide, can handle some shade and comes in an array of flowers colors.  Red, pink, fuchsia, coral, light yellow, white and purple are your options.  Just imagine having a few of these colors in your garden in mass.  Stunning!

My third favorite non native plant is Epipremnum  aureum - Pothos.  This plant is great for any indoor space.  I have somewhere around 10 inside my home and love it.  In my home they are mixed in areas that get descent sun and no sun.  This is also a great plant for indoor air quality. 

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