Friday, January 5, 2018


I like to set goals not resolutions.  Maybe it's just the term resolution that I dislike.  As if you are resolving to achieve something that you did not the previous year.  But goals are nice.  One goal that I hope you make this year is to get out in your garden.  I am not talking about getting out there and weeding (although you should from time to time), but rather using your garden as a place to workout, meditate etc.  In this video I share with you the 5 benefits of getting in your garden.

I myself have a 100 square feet pad of concrete where the front door is that I use as my garden.  I have a table and two chairs in one area to dine in and in the other area I have a DIY bench that I can sit in and relax.  I use this space regularly, especially since I work from home and need to take breaks to recharge.  Now I am curious do you get in your garden?  If so comment below and tell me more.  Share your stories.

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