Friday, September 15, 2017


I live in a 424 square foot condo with only 100 square feet of concrete as my landscape area.  This means that I only use pots and will somehow have to get creative with how I use plants in my garden. I also have an HOA which has rules that I must follow that I have already broken and gotten in trouble for.

The one rule that I broke was having planters on the fence.  I have 4 Greenbo railing planters that I had sitting on top of the fence by my front door and one day there was a letter in my mailbox telling me that I could not have them on the railing.  Rather than fight with the HOA I decided to just find an alternate solution for them, which ended up working out really nicely.  In this video I show you what I am planting in them and how I made it work.

The railing planters I bought from Amazon, the plants are from Green Thumb Nursery, the seeds I bought at Green Thumb are by Burpee Gardens and the potting soil also bought at Green Thumb is by Kellogg Garden.

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