Friday, June 16, 2017


In the world of professional landscape design there are three phases of the actual process in which a designer completes the work.  The first phase is design development which includes the designer measuring the site, creating a site plan, doing site analysis and creating concept drawings.  This is an important phase as having an accurate site plan of your space makes the other phases come together much more smoothly.  The site plan needs to be detailed as it represents what your space is like and has accurate dimensions of the various components of your garden.

The site analysis is also key in understanding the nuts and bolts of your site like soil condition, sun/shade and various other factors.  There might be elements in your garden that you might be keeping that would be important to note.  The concept drawings are also equally important as they allow you to get a first hand look of what is possible in your garden.  This is where the designer will meet with you to go over the concepts and you get to voice your opinion.  This video explains that entire process and much more.  

You can watch the other design process videos here:

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