Monday, January 16, 2012


Yesterday my maternal parental unit and I decided to have brunch at the Newport Beach Marriott (in Fashion Island). First off let me say that if you have never had brunch there it is worth trying at least once. The cost was $25 per person which for the quality of food and service you receive is worth it. After brunch we walked around the hotel and I found myself amazed by their outdoor seating areas. I could totally see myself going there one day and just relaxing in their outdoor lounge area for a few hours. Perhaps with a mimosa in hand and my mp3 player playing my favorite tunes. I like how they have created so many different seating areas that appeal to all interests.

Inside one of the courtyards there was even a really large oversized fountain that would be too big for the average yard but works perfectly in this hotel. If you need something to do on a lazy Sunday then I would highly recommend brunch at the Marriott followed by hours of just relaxing in one of their outdoor seating areas.

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