Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I was going to my former Costa Mesa clients house to take photos of his back yard (while he was at work) months after it had been installed. On the one hand I was excited to see progress but on the other hand I was nervous. My client has a lab mix named Molle and I was convinced that he would not remember me. Uh oh! What was I to do? After minutes of pondering I realized that if I go armed with dog treats and a rawhide then maybe Molle will like me enough to let me in. It was an adventure. Me the "I am scared of large dogs" landscape designer being forced to face my fear alone.

I started by calling his name and throwing a treat over the gate. 5 minutes later I opened the door and stuck my right hand out with another treat. Then I went all in taking photos and giving him treats every so often. I am not sure if he remembered me or just pretended to for the treats. Below are pics of the garden featuring California native plants, existing non native plants, edible garden area, rainwater harvesting tanks by Bushman, permeable pavers by VastCarex pansa (used as grass alternative). and an area of California native

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