Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I can't believe that March has come already. Oh my how the year seams to have flown by so fast. I will say however that this year has been productive and I am certainly seen an increase in business. So I will conclude that the rest of 2011 will be nothing but awesome!

Below are some events happening this month worth checking out...

Tree Of Life Nursery

Sat. March 5th @ 10am
Native plants for wildlife: birds, butterflies, bats and bees
(video post to follow - stay tuned)

Sat. March 12th @ 10am
OC Hikes author Karin Klein

Sat. March 19th @ 9am
Kill Your Lawn
This is a great lecture for those that want to save money and increase your property value by killing the lawn.

Sat. March 26th @ 9am
Design Elements - so you killed the lawn and then what?

Rogers Gardens

Sat. March 5th @ 9am
California Friendly Gardening

Sat. March 12th and Sun. March 13th ALL DAY
Edible Plant Weekend - FREE vegetable give away

Sun. March 13th @ 10am
Edible Landscape Demo - How to plant with Rex Yarwood

Sat. March 19th @ 9am
Grow Veggies Year Round, the Organic Way with Pat Welsh

Sun. March 20th @ 10am
In the Garden Workshop With Rex Yarwood - Spring Color Bowls

Sat. March 26th @ 9am
Cook Simply With Zov - Recipes From Earth to Plate - Demo and Book Signing

Sat. March 26th @ 9am
Spring Wreath Workshop

Other Events Related to Landscape and "Going Green"

Wed. March 2nd @ 6pm
Home Skills for the Green Citizen

Sat. March 5th @ 10am
Biodiversity and Why We Care

Wed. March 9th @ 10am
Propagation of Native Plants

Wed. March 9th @ 1pm
Composting Workshop

Wed. March 9th @ 3pm
Permaculture: Edible Landscape

Sat. March 12th @ 9am
Designing and Installing Sustainable Native Plant Landscapes

Sat. March 12th @ 11am
Eugene Cook and the Edible Garden

Mon. March 14th @ 10am
Rainwater Harvesting

Sun. March 27th @ 10am
Build Your Own Worm Composting Box

Please bear in mind that I did not plan any of these events and they are all subject to change by the creator. I am merely posting it for those that might be interested. Most of these events are happening in Orange County.

The first photo is of a Dark Star Ceanothus planted in my clients Fountain Valley front yard. The second photo is of an Encelia californica taken at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden.

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Rob Moore said...

I too will prognosticate, Rama and conclude that the rest of 2011 will be nothing but awesome!