Monday, April 29, 2019


My existing watercolor brushes were the Windsor and Newton Cotman brushes.  They were not that bad, but I wanted to try some other style of brushes that were also more portable.  So last week I bought 5 of the Raphael precision 85046 series brushes at Art Supply Warehouse.  They were very interesting to play with.  They picked up pigment very well but were hard to blend with.  What did like about then in comparison to the W&N was that they allowed to less bleed.

This painting is what I painted with them.  Admittedly, I will have to play around with them more to get used to using different brushes.  My goal for the future months is to invest in some fancier travel brushes and non travel brushes.  In the meantime however, I will keep using these as they are really good for portability.

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