Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Fist of let me just say that solar lighting is OK if you live in a condo like me with no land to garden in.  It becomes your only option.  But if you live in a house with land then I highly recommend getting a lighting system installed.  You get more light and greater control.  Also if there happens to not be enough sun to charge the solar lights then you may not get sufficient lighting.  With LED you won't have that issue.  With LED lighting, you can control the amount of light that each fixture gives out.  You also get a ton of design options. 

This picture is of a garden in north Tustin and I designed.  As you can see in the photo, there is a bright light highlighting the rocks with the pot and plants.  In the distance there are path lights lighting the putting green.  There are also other path, up and directional lights throughout the rest of the garden. 

The lights are timed to go on and off and can be remote controlled using an app, which is a feature that you don't get with solar. 

There is also the issue of longevity and cost.  Yes solar is cheaper, but does not last as long as LED would.

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