Monday, April 8, 2019


I use Arches watercolor paper when I paint, which is really high quality paper.  A  pad of 10X14 paper with only 12 sheets is around $30.  Not cheap, but worth the quality that you get.  So when I paint, I like to make sure I am very certain with what I am going to paint so that I don't waste the paper.  Which is why I like to draw on a lesser priced watercolor paper to practice and determine if my idea is even worth painting.  I do most of my painting on weekends, since during the week I am busy running my business. 

I start by drawing the idea on my black watercolor sketchbook to test things out.  Am I even going to like the sketch and would it even be something that I would be inclined to paint?  This also allows me to play around with ideas, because I rarely paint as I see it.  I always try to put some unique spin on the painting that makes it my own. 

Then when I feel satisfied that I have something that would work, I proceed to draw it on the watercolor paper and paint it.  These images are my latest that I created yesterday to be painted this week.  The first images is the test and the second the to be painted. 

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