Friday, April 12, 2019


In designing landscapes, professionals take these principles into consideration when working on a project.  This ensures that what they design looks cohesive and works for the specific job site.  These 7 principles are not set in stone, but are important in any design project and worth considering.  They are as follows. 

The first is balance, of which there are two types symmetrical and asymmetrical.  Symmetrical balance refers to having symmetry on either side of a pathway or having the planters be aligned with each other.  Asymmetrical, refers to the opposite of symmetrical.  Where you may have a planter on either side of a path but the plants in each planter may not be the same. 

The second principle of landscape designs is focalization.  This means having a focal point in the landscape.  A place to draw your eye.  The main focal point for most landscapes is the front door. 

The third principle is simplicity.  Keeping it simple is key to ensure that the plants will have room to grow and that the garden will not look cluttered or messy.  This is key for the overall health of the garden. 

The fourth principle of landscape design is repetition.  Repetition, means designing plants in mass.  This creates a cohesive look and makes the garden look well thought out.  Having plants in masses of odd numbers is also visually appealing to the eye. 

The fifth principle is proportion, which means that you are planting with the assumption of understanding the mature height and width of the plant.  If you are planting something that gets 5' wide, then you will need to leave a 5' diameter space around the base of that plant to allow for mature growth.

The sixth principle of landscape design is unity.  For example if you are using one type of plant in the front yard to the left of the garden then perhaps you may want to add more of that plant in other parts of the front yard to unify the garden.  You may also want to add some in the back. 

Finally, the seventh principle of landscape design is enclosure.  Think about it.  A secret garden in the back yard where the parents can to sit and have a glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed. 

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