Friday, April 5, 2019


I love designing colorful landscapes. I also like create designs such that when you get sick of a color,  it becomes easier to switch out that color is you so choose to.  So in this video I share with you 5 ways to add color to your landscape.

The first thing you can do to add color to your landscape is with flowers.  This means that you have endless options and if you design with the seasons in mind, then you can have pretty colors each season. 

Second, you can add color with the furniture.  You can buy a basic outdoor bench and add decorative cushions and pillows that can be switched out as the seasons change.

The third way to add color to the landscape is through colorful accessories.  This can be done through garden art, ornaments and other decorative accessories. 

Fourth, add color through decorative pottery.  In this case I would suggest adding pottery of the same color tone to create a cohesive look. 

Finally you can add color to the landscape by painting one wall in your garden.  Ideally, this should be an accent wall that will be seen from various parts of the garden.  The specific color that you choose will depend on what other colors and textures are going to be in your garden. 

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