Thursday, December 21, 2017


I love the concept of growing your own food and doing so in spaces where there is no land to garden in.  That is why hydroponic gardening has become so popular.  It allows you to grow without needing soil.  As long as you have some hard surface to put the hydroponic system in then you are can pretty much grow anywhere.  I was intrigued by this theory and even more so by a company called Gotham Greens.  They basically grow lettuce, kale, bok choy, arugula, basil and various other produce in their hydroponic rooftop green house in New York and Chicago.  They then sell what they grow to local restaurants and retailers.  So essentially those who eat their product can do so without feeling guilty about what they are feeding themselves.  As they say their food is "responsibly produced".  Not to mention it is a part of rooftop gardening and creates endless possibilities.  The below video is an interview (not by me) done with the founders that explain more about their business and how it works. 

As I talk about hydroponics I wonder if any of you have some sort of hydroponic system in your gardens?  If you do then comment on here and share you stories.

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