Friday, December 22, 2017


Having indoor plants are key not just for indoor air quality but also for ones soul.  I love having growing plants indoors to bring some life into the space.  My cats also love it (haha).  In my 424 square foot condo I have a total of 38 pots of plants.  So if I can have that many in my small space then you surely can have a few in yours.  Adding greenery just changes things and makes the mood better.

Just adding a few can give your space a lively-er vibe.  In this video I show you all the indoor plants I have. If you are interested in having indoor plants and you live in south Cali, then I highly recommend you visit OC Succulents/California greenhouse.  As far as I am aware they have the largest selection of indoor plants along with tons of succulent options.

If you live in Orange County and want some guidance on what indoor plants will work best for you then simply email me and I would be happy to give you a consultation (for a small fee) and get you started on your indoor gardening journey.

Some things to consider if you are going to  have indoor plants...

  • You will have to water at least weekly.
  • You can get creative with your containers (as you can see in the photo).
  • If you have cats they may chew on some of the plants (mine do) but that should not worry you. 
  • You are only limited by your imagination.
  • You don't have to have just pots of plants but you can also garden upwards.

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