Thursday, February 19, 2015


I am an avid user of Facebook.  Addicted might be the right word to describe me but then again I am also connected to family outside of the United States that I love to catch up with.  I also heavily use Facebook as another social media platform to promote my business.  As I casually scroll through my news feed things pop up that are gardening related that strike my fancy that I thought I would share with you here.

The first is a slice of cake.  How cool would this look on your outdoor table?  I am not entirely sure how they made this but I intend to find out and will keep you posted.

The second is the cutest gnome that apparently loves to garden.  This cute planter can be place indoors or out.  I personally would put this in a place where my cats can't get to.

The third is a really cool way to make a mushroom decoration for you garden.  Just imagine the color possibilities and combinations you could try.

The fourth is a succulent planted in a glass container made to look like it's under water. There is even a fish swimming.

If you have tried / made any DIY garden related things then please share with me and will blog about it or share it on Facebook.

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Unknown said...

How cute are these? I've been trying to think of some cute landscaping ideas for my backyard. I will definitely have to remember these ideas.

Susan Hirst |