Monday, February 9, 2015


I was recently hired by a couple in Santa Ana to design their backyard.  I was thrilled to kill their lawn (on paper) and propose a more native / earth friendly alternative.  What they wanted was to have some paths going through their garden, a California native palette as well as reusing the existing pottery and rocks that they already had.  In this case they had also created a Houzz board of all kinds of ideas that suited their fancy and had printed images of things they liked, which was helpful.

I began by creating two concept ideas that we met to thoroughly go over, followed by visiting a nursery to look at the proposed plants.  Then I created a final drawing that the contractor could bid from (above right is the planting plan).

Typically I prefer to create my drawings with a lot of detail so that there is no confusion when bidding or installing.   All in all things went well and the client was happy with the end result.

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