Wednesday, June 24, 2015


In January of 2014 I posted about some concept designs I did for a couple in Lake Forest.
They wanted a native garden and wanted to redo their hardscape.  
The driveway and paths were installed in March of 2014 but the plants were installed in October.

The driveway was redone (per code) using 4" of concrete with rebar.  The flagstone (color: Oklahoma Buckskin) was mortared in for safety reasons. The little step that existed at the front door was removed and a slight ramp was put in.  

A brand new irrigation system was installed with a smart controller that has a rain censor.  The rain censor sends a signal to the system to shut off if there is too much moisture in the air or rain.  

All the plants are native to California, with some plants being specifically native to Orange County. They are all low water requiring plants that also don't need much maintenance.  

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