Monday, June 25, 2012


I love going to thrift stores, wondering around for cool decor items and things (I have even gone thrifting for clothing).  So this past Sunday I went to the local thrift store by my house in search of some sort of glass vase to plant some Dudleya's in and although I did not find a glass vase I did find a piano.  A small decorative green piano that made for the perfect planter that now sits on my coffee table.  What I love about this is that no one else has it and it is very unique.  Just so cool!  I have found many things in my thrifting adventures and would highly recommend that you engage in a little thrifting and see what you can find. 

If you are looking to do a little thrifting then I would suggest you follow these tips:
  • Don't expect any item to be perfect - This piano has a slight chip but for only $2 it was worth it.  However, you should check each item thoroughly.  My little chip was not a big deal but a large crack might have prevented me from making the purchase.  
  • If you decide that you want more than one of what you find chances are that the one you found it the only one.  A few times there may be multiple pieces of the same item but usually not.
  • Use your creativity and imagination when thrifting - You do no have to plant in the traditional pot.  Think outside of the box because you never know what you will find.
If you have made any thrifted purchases for your landscape then do not hesitate to share them with me.  You can email me ( with you photos and I will do a blog post titled "Others Thrifted Items".


Conry Lavis said...

i also plan to put see-saw or slide or swing for my kids. I want a design that is earth-friendly sana. Do you know anybody that can help me? I know landscaping is not cheap but I really appreciate it if you can refer me to someone who is not so expensive.

Landscape Designer VA

creations landscape designs said...

Hi Conry,

Are you looking for a landscape designer or a contractor? Where do you live?