Wednesday, June 20, 2012


As I mentioned in previous posts the installation of my Laguna Beach clients landscape in well underway.  In the backyard the decomposed granite has been layout out and the planting areas are ready for planting (which takes place this Friday).  There is also some flagstone soft set in certain areas of the decomposed granite to add a slight textural difference. The larger side yard has also gotten a makeover with two large planter beds.  These beds will be left unplanted so that the homeowner can grow edibles of her choice. 

In the front there was not much to do.  The concrete slab that had a 2' layer of dirt on top of it will remain due to budget.  In one area we are going to have to gravel on top of the concrete base and have 3 pots on top.  Due to the concrete slab issue and plant availability minor changes were made to the plant palette.  Remember that when you are designing or hiring a designer that if you have a list of plants that you want to use 5 times out of 10 that list might slightly change.  Either you come a across an issue during the installation or the nursery no longer has those plants (because they sold out).

This is why it is beneficial to hire a professional who can come up with alternatives for you at the blink of an eye.  Taking all the stress and headache from you.  Plus the designer will know all the cool (inexpensive) places to buy quality products.

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