Monday, July 2, 2012


Just as the title states a Huntington Beach, CA resident named Dori killed her lawn and had California native plants and other organic materials installed instead.  Her kids have fled the nest, she has no dogs and therefore has no use for the lawn.  She was also tired of wasting money to maintain it.  Dori happens to volunteer at the Golden West College native garden and one of the college instructors who designed and maintaines the garden was the mastermind behind Dori's front yard design.
What was once water sucking lawn is now a great habitat friendly, energy efficient garden that is pretty to look at.  At first glance it may look like there is not enough plants but this garden was planted for eventual plant growth.  The addition of a dry creek bed also helps.  Overall I was pleased with this garden and am looking forward to seeing it when the plants are more filled in.

A lawn less garden is very much possible in any home.  Now you may be thinking that well you have kids or a dog that may want a place to play.  On that note there are several lawn alternatives that are safe for dogs and kids to play in.  If you are interested in determining if a lawn less garden will work for you then do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to show you how it will work.  Such a garden will even increase your property value.

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Unknown said...

I am sadiya.I know how tempting it is going into a gardening centre and seeing plants upon pretty plants with gorgeous blooms and wanting to buy them. Actually the wife is just like that. I have to control her feminine urges to want to buy every one she goes all fluttery over lol.. it’s best to hire a pro to give you all the advice, then plant.. that’s the best route.. do it once, save the money. Thanks for reading. Happy Easter Elizabeth.

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