Thursday, July 19, 2012


My Laguna Beach client and I decided that we needed to have some sort of water feature in the front yard.  It would add that extra something but we had a cost issue.  It had to be inexpensive yet interesting.  So while we were at this newly discovered pottery place we came upon a pot that was reasonably priced that caught our eye.  We also saw a saucer and all of a sudden a light bulb went off.  Hello bird bath!  Simple, easy and cost effective.

As you can see in the picture the saucer does not really match the color of the pot but when you are looking at it from a distance you can't tell.  The color difference is rather nice and a good contrast.  The pot has a hole at the bottom for drainage.  What I like most about this is that the pot can easily be planted if the client should change her mind about using it as a bird bath. 

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