Tuesday, June 12, 2012


As I had mentioned I have a client in Laguna Beach who has hired me to transform her landscape (view the previous post about this project here).  The project has been moving along splendidly, however yesterday we hit a snag.  I always say to clients that sometimes you have no clue what the true condition of your garden is until you begin digging and removing elements.  In this case as the contractor was digging in the front yard to clear the ground to prepare for planting an interesting discovery was made.  The one and only front yard planter contained a concrete slab underneath what was only a two feet layer of dirt.

I would assume that the previous owners did not want to remove the concrete slab and took the cheap way out, which means that my client who is the new owner has a surprise to deal with.  This planter is 507 square feet and is currently comprised of a few potted Sago Palms and not much else.  This issue also explains why the Sago Palms were planted in wine barrels as oppose to in ground. 

Below are some tips to consider when having your landscape redone.
  • Hire a professional - this makes having to deal with such issues or other unforeseen issues less costly. This will also ensure that you garden is designed right and installed accurately the first and only time.
  • Do it right - if you encounter issues of any kind don't take the easy way out.  Make sure that you have options.  Granted that your budget may limit what you can do but at least you should be open to various options.  
  • If you are buying a home bear in mind that there are things that may creep up that the seller may not wish to tell you about.  Having the place inspected is key.  Then again the inspector may not want to dig in your planter areas so be open minded about the unknown.
  • Don't spend all your money indoors - if you are remodeling consider that your landscape may also need to be done and if you spend all your money indoors then you will have nothing left.  Whatever you have saved for remodeling should be split 50/50 (indoors/outdoors).  Also consider that in some cases depending on what you desire that you may have to spend 10% of your property value when you remodel both your interior and your landscape. 
  • Is your landscape contractor licensed, bonded and insured?  Does your landscape designer know how to prepare proper drawings that a contractor can accurately bid from?  Do your homework and thoroughly check out the person whom you wish to hire.  Don't be shy about asking for portfolio pictures and testimonials.  
The above picture is the hole that the contractor dug in my Laguna Beach clients garden unearthing the surprise.


Unknown said...

Oh man. That is just unfortunate. Your poor client. What a headache!! You have created a beautiful design for this Laguna Beach client, I'm sorry for this large hiccup. Hope everything goes smoothly.


creations landscape designs said...

Thank you Phil. Not sure what the client is going to do. Depends on cost. We shall see.

Two Steps From Home said...

I don't know whatever your Clint's mind. But you are a hard worker. Your designs are nice. Keep it up.

creations landscape designs said...

Thank you Two Steps From Home.

Conry Lavis said...

looking so good. thanks for shearing it.

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