Tuesday, December 28, 2010


With so many nurseries how do you know one from the other? From California native plantsCalifornia friendly plants how do you know where to buy what? There are many nurseries, but the two that are featured in this post are the largest to go to for what you need, especially if you are a landscape designer or landscape contractor in Orange County, CA.

The first is Tree of Life Nursery located in San Juan Capistrano that exclusively propagates and sells California native plants. Patty the retail manager gives a tour of the nursery.

The second is Village Nurseries (various locations) that has the largest selection of California friendly plants and a great selection of pottery. One of the managers Mike gives a tour of the Huntington Beach location.

Bare in mind that these are not the only nurseries in Orange County, however from my own personal experience Tree of Life has the largest selection of California native plants and Village Nurseries with it's many locations has the largest selection of California friendly plants.

Other nurseries in Orange County are...

Note: if you own a nursery in Orange County, CA and you are not listed above them kindly email me (info at creationslandscapedesigns dot com) and I will add you.

If you are a homeowner and would like a personalized tour of Tree of Life or Village then contact me (info at creationslandscapedesigns dot com) and I would be happy to meet you and give you a lecture on proper plant selection and a tour. $30 per hour (minimum 1 hour).

I will also be doing a series of other nursery posts about San Diego county, Los Angeles county etc. for those that don't live or practice in Orange County. Stay tuned!


Susan Krzywicki said...

Also look at Las Pilitas - just over the border in San Diego County - it has an amazingly complete web site:


The ist of California Plants is a treasure trove.

creations landscape designs said...


I actually want to do a few more nursery posts...

San Diego County
LA County
Santa Barbara County
ETC... Stay tuned!

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