Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I live in Orange County, CA and as I write this post I can hear the sounds of rain and more rain and... I actually like the fact that this rain is giving us a cleanse and considering we are in a drought we sure do need it. This leads me to the thought that this is a great time to plant in your California garden. From California native plants to California friendly plants your options are not limited. In fact I have a series of posts about plants depending on your situation.

Planting perennial beds and borders in California

Planting groundcovers up to 3' high in California
Accent plants up to 4' high in California
Accent plants up to 5' high in California
Plants suitable for slopes in California
Plants suitable as background and screening up to 6' high in California
Planting with hedges in California
Planting with deciduous trees in California
Planting with evergreen trees in California
Planting with vines in California
California native grasses
30 California native plants

I hope that these posts help you in discovering the right plant for your garden. I also hope that this holiday season brings you lots of love and joy. The rain will surely bring an abundance of free water.

For a limited time I am offering photo planting design services (through the last week of February). Here is how the service will work...
  1. You email me a photo of somewhere in your garden that needs to be planted.
  2. You tell me a bit about your garden (sun/shade, rough size of planting area etc.).
  3. I will respond with a proposed plant palette of California native plants suitable for that area of your garden. I could even go with you to a nursery to look at the suggested plants and assist you in the purchase and installation of the plants.
The cost for this services is free for the first picture and $20 each additional photo.

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