Friday, December 10, 2010


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Do you have a small front porch or a balcony that could use some tlc? Why use your hard earned dollars to improve someones landscape if you are just renting? If this sounds like you then this forthcoming book is just perfect for your apartment dwelling garden. Small Space Container Gardens by Fern Richardson is about gardening for those that don't have a lot of room, are renting or those that can only use containers. No mus no fuss ideas that will turn any brown thumb green.

Fern also offers container gardening services. If you have a balcony or front porch that is in need of some love then I would highly recommend you contact Fern to assist you. She also writes an award winning blog titled Life On The Balcony, in which she shares her experiences about apartment gardening and other fun things.
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Imagine if you had a less than attractive wall. How would you soften it? How would you add texture and life? Well! This is where this book comes in handy for you. Garden UP written by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet is about gardening upwards (vertical gardening). Techniques, tips and tricks on how to successfully have a vertical garden. Below is the book trailer.

I will be filming the installation of a vertical garden this month designed by Season's Landscaping and will post the video on this blog. Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of Season's Landscaping.

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