Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Do you live in Orange County, CA and are wondering about what landscape events are happening in your area. Well then this is the post for you. Below are landscape events that are happening during the month of January 2011 in Orange County.

Tree of Life Nursery

Saturday January 8th at 10am
Kill Your Lawn - how to etc.

Saturday January 15th at 10am
Creating and Caring for your California Native Garden

Saturday January 22 at 10am
Foundation California Native Plants
(video blog post forthcoming stay tuned)

Saturday January 29th at 10am
Flowering California Native Perennials
(video blog post forthcoming stay tuned)

Rogers Gardens

Saturday January 8th at 9am
My Edible Garden in February

Saturday January 15th at 9am & 11am
Rose Pruning Workshop

Saturday January 16th at 10am
In the garden workshop: winter color bowls

Saturday January 29th at 9am
Indoor gardening terrarium workshop

If you offer some sort of landscape event in Orange County then kindly email me (into at creationslandscapedesigns dot com) and I will add it on here.

As far as I am aware all of these lectures are FREE. Please double check with the nursery website for additional information.

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