Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Do you have a plan for your garden? Or are you just going to wing it, which will result in having to redo and redo and... Do you know what a landscape design in-tales? A plan is a drawing of what your landscape designer has designed in your landscape.

There are many types of plans...
  • Grading Plan
  • Drainage Plan
  • Hardscape Plan
  • Irrigation Plan
  • Planting Plan
  • Lighting Plan
Typically in residential design once you and your landscape designer have finalized a concept then the landscape designer will take that concept and create more accurate drawings that a licensed landscape contractor can bid from. Hardscape, irrigation, planting and lighting are the most commonly needed types of plans.

The hardscape plan will show remaining and new hardscape elements. All of the new hardscape elements will be dimensioned to show the landscape contractor where things are located or how wide things should be. This plan will also indicate what materials are being used. It is important that the dimensions are accurate! If the drawings state that the pathway leading to the house is 4' wide then the landscape contractor will build it as such.

The irrigation plan will show the location of the irrigation spray heads or where the drip irrigation lines are located, with an accurate legend and notes. This type of drawing will also have all the appropriate calculations required and clearly list the manufacturer and model number etc.

The planting plan will show where each plant is going to be placed by having a symbol for each plant that is placed numerous times in the drawings based on quantity of that specific species of plant. Each symbol should correspond to a legend that will clearly indicate what that symbol is. Some landscape designers will show symbols in their legend matching the symbols in the drawing, while other landscape designer will have call outs and numbers for each symbol. Either way it is imperative that each plant be listed by genus, species, common name, size (1, 5, or 15 gallon, 24" or 36" box) and quantity.

The lighting plan will show exactly where each lights are placed with an appropriate legend. The legend should be detailed enough to indicate the manufacturer of each light etc. Up light, down light or path light etc. are a few types of lighting styles and thankfully your landscape designer will have these all clearly labeled and listed.

Before you hire the professional (reasonably priced) landscape designer, you should perform a landscape design checklist that will make things easier for you and your designer.

Note: typically the clients, address and phone number is listed on all the drawings, however I have removed such info from my drawing in order to protect my clients privacy.

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