Friday, August 20, 2010


I am going to assume (with excitement) that you have decided to kill your lawn. You are finally going to get rid of that non native waste of money water sucking plant. OK maybe you are not killing your lawn but would like to add some more grass to your garden without breaking the bank. Whatever your needs are Gene Ratcliffe at Tree of Life Nursery offers you some native grass options to consider.

Various uses for grasses...
  • Can be used like shrubs
  • Can be used to define edges
  • Ornamental varieties can make eye popping hedges or screens
  • Planted in mass they can make a strong visual statement
Some California native grasses are...
  • Artistida purpurea - Purple Three Awn
  • Carex pansa - California Meadow Sedge
  • Deschapsia caespitosa - Tufted Hairgrass
  • Festuca californica - Californica Fescue
  • Leymus species - Wildrye
  • Melica imperfecta - Coast Range Melic
  • Muhlenbergia rigens - Deergrass
  • Nassella species - Needlegrass

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